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A car won’t run without fuel just as a business won’t run without capital. Small Business Loans Yuma offers financial solutions and assistance to small businesses. We provide different loans in Yuma. To know the available loan services and how to get funding for business, apply today!

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Small Business Loans Yuma

We have facilitated over $150 million in funding to thousands of small businesses nationwide!

There are a lot of issues going on when it comes to Yuma loans within small businesses. There are limited opportunities for these sectors and many small businesses got denied for not meeting the required standard. We want to give hope to small business owners and give them the benefits that they should be getting.

We want to protect their livelihood and dreams by providing the best loan services in Yuma. We provide funding through applying for loans such as SBA loans, small business loans, startup loan Yuma, unsecured loans Yuma, commercial loan Yuma and any business loan Yuma, Az.

  • No Interest Business Loans
  • SBA loans
  • Business loans
  • Commercial loan
  • Startup business loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Equipment funding
  • And more!


About Small Business Loans Yuma

Small Business Loans Yuma has established its company in the industry by providing financial needs of businesses who need funding for their business renovation, construction, expansion, marketing production and other major costs. We are composed of professionals with different fields of expertise ready to serve small businesses with our best efforts. We may have different departments but our mission and vision are the same.

We wanted to do our best and really go the extra mile to deliver a 5-star customer service not just in deeds but in technicality; being able to provide favorable loan offers. We envision many small businesses expanding and growing in Yuma; bringing success to their family.

Small Business Loans Yuma provides the best offer there is for SBA lending, business startup funding, new business funding, creative funding, business loans, commercial loans, unsecured loans and many more. We also help small businesses be knowledgeable enough to decide for any negotiations or loan services they are applying for. We have the educated first system belief and we maintain it for the welfare of our clients and customers.

Why Choose Us ?

Our company’s goals and vision have always been the lifeline of why we work and do our best in serving people. We aim to provide high-quality services, fast replies, affordable interest rates, fixed and renewable payment terms, a high amount of loans, and a simple process. All of our services and the benefits that you’ll get comes from our customer’s feedback. We value your response and opinion. We constantly develop as you partner with us and trust us with your business and finances. Small Business Loans Yuma gives importance to:

Some benefits to choosing us include:

  • Grow your business with up to $250,000
  • Easier to qualify for than normal loans
  • Start fast, don’t miss opportunities
  • Funding as fast as 10 business days

We make sure to live and maintain the core of our company. We wanted to continuously be one of the finance companies in Yuma that small businesses depend on. We have been through a lot of experience, development and growth. And we have seen all these developments also to a lot of our customers and business owners with their team and family. We provide not only financial aid but we also share close relationships with people, giving them hope and confidence in reaching their dreams. If you want to know how to start, apply today to set an appointment and get a free estimate on the loan service you want to apply.

What You Get

  • Up to $250,000 in unsecured credit lines
  • Funding Manager to answer all of your questions
  • A qualified team working to get you the best funding available.

Common Uses

  • Start a new business
  • Marketing to new clients
  • Buying new equipment or supplies
  • Creating new products or services


  • 650+ Fico Score
  • No derogatory credit marks within 6 months
  • No judgements, collections, or tax liens in unpaid status
  • No bankruptcies reporting

What To Expect?

Small Business loans Yuma believes in educating customers. We believe that allowing small businesses to learn and be knowledgeable enough of the process can make things easier for both parties. The decision can be also firm when it comes to deciding the best route to take. When applying for a loan, you need to set up an appointment and we will be conducting an interview. After examining all the requirements and making sure that it all passes on the standards, we will then negotiate and decide how much money will be released for your loans.

The funding timeframe may change as it will depend on what type of loans you’re applying for and the parties involved like SBA and other loan companies in Yuma. As we go through all the process, we will make sure that we are going to be transparent and you will be notified in every update, changes that may occur. Our customers are the reason why we allow transparency and open-mindedness in every decision we make. We wanted them to feel that we understood and heard them.

How it Works

Our simple process will get clients their funding in just 10-21 days:

1. Apply - Submit a credit score to apply for a no-obligation pre-approval.

2. Consultation - Discover the best funding options with our team.

3. Get Funded - Walk through the funding process with one of our Funding Managers and see business grow!

4. Post Funding - Enjoy access to our education portal and contact us for tips on best ways to utilize funding.

Funding Options & Types of Loans

Small Business Loans Yuma offers Yuma small business loans, sba loans Yuma, startup business loans Yuma, commercial loans, unsecured business loans and provide business funding Yuma, startup funding, creative funding to small business owners. We also give benefits and discounts to valued customers but terms and conditions may apply. Our main services are categorized into SBA loans, business loans, startup loans, commercial loans and unsecured business loans.




  • 650+ credit score
  • No recent late payments
  • No charge-offs, liens, bk's
  • 2+ years of credit history with at least
  • 1 revolving line of $4k+ limit recent credit card inquiries will effect potential funding amount
  • A business partner or spouse that meets the above requirements can also apply
  • Funding can be for any industry.
  • Having a business is not required

Startup Funding Products:

  • 0% interest credit cards for 9-18 months and amounts up to $150k depending on client qualifications
  • Personal term loans, 3 or 5 years from 7% interest
  • No upfront fees.
  • Up to $250k total startup funding




  • 600+ credit score
  • $15k/mo avg. sales over the past 6 months
  • 6 months of bank statements
  • Restricted industries vary, apply for details. Real estate and Cannabis are usually restricted. Try startup funding instead.

Business Funding Products:

  • Business term loans from 6 months and longer terms
  • Business line of credit
  • Merchant cash advance which includes daily or weekly payment loans. Credit can be as low as 500 but monthly business revenue must be $15k=/mo avg.
  • Up to $500k




  • 650+ credit score
  • 3 years in business
  • Equipment must be critical to the operation of the business
  • If it flies or floats, it won't qualify. (planes, helicopters, boats)

Business Funding Products:

  • 3+ year term loans
  • Up to $250k

SBA Loans

yuma small business loan funding

SBA loans is one of the loan services we provide and is backed up by the government. This loan service is created to secure small business loans and give them financial assistance whenever they need it. Small Business Loans Yuma is one of the few companies who are following the rules of SBA Yuma and assisting small businesses to get this kind of opportunity. We help in processing, complying and submitting all the necessary requirements to avail the loan.

  • Grow your business with up to $250,000
  • Easier to qualify for than normal loans
  • Start fast, don’t miss opportunities
  • Funding as fast as 10 business days

Business Loans

yuma commericial funding

Small Business Loans Yuma offers a fixed rate for startup business loans, short term and renewable payment terms. We accept and provide funding for housing loans, operational costs, investments, manufacturing, production, renovation, car loans and other business loans.

Commercial Loans

yuma loan companies

Small Business Loans Yuma has the best team when it comes to processing and providing Loans Yuma, Az. Commercial loans for housing, rental, expansion, renovation and other major expenses of the business is available in Small Business Loans Yuma. This type of loan can have higher interest rates compared to other loan services as we do approve higher amounts and we wanted to secure our company. We require collateral and a good credit score.

Startup Loans

yuma startup loans

Small business startup loans are a good option and the best choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. We support new business funding, creative funding for startups and we conduct free seminars on how to get funding for startups. Other than that, we offer small business startup loans to all individuals and small businesses.

Unsecured Loans

yuma unsecured loans

Unsecured business loans are loans that can easily be acquired in a day. Approval of unsecured business loans in Small Business Loans Yuma only takes less than an hour. We only need personal identification to prove legal age and a good credit score. We also do not require collateral but interest rates can also be higher since this is only for short term purposes. Payment terms are usually monthly but we do provide discounts to early payments or autopayments.

About Yuma, Arizona

Yuma is a city in Arizona. It is specifically located in Yuma County. It is popular and is considered to be one of the best places to live due to its quiet neighborhood and lots of outdoor sceneries and parks. Yuma, Az has a total of 93,064 as of the 2010 census and has gone up to 203,247 in 2014. It is abundant in agricultural crops that made their economy boom. It has produced 175 different crops such as nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

The cost of living in Yuma is fair compared to its neighboring cities and towns which are:

  • San Luis
  • Fortuna Foothills
  • Somerton
  • Wellton
  • Tacna
  • Dateland
  • Gadsden
  • And many other surrounding areas


Is it safe to apply to loans from your partners for my business in Yuma, AZ?

Answer: Yes. We guarantee full protection and security to our value customers. We value confidentiality and we also follow the correct process mandated by the government when it comes to business funding or offering loans.

Is it more convenient to apply for unsecured business loans?

Answer: Creative funding and other unsecured business loans is much easier to qualify for when looking for funding.

Does low credit score affect SBA loan application?

Answer: Lower credit scores do affect your SBA loan application. SBA loans are backed up by the government and are created to support small businesses with partial amounts.

Do you offer creative funding for small businesses?

Answer: We do offer and help small businesses with creative funding. We find investors or buyers to fund their business; it could be for a startup or expansion.

How do I set an appointment?

Answer: Apply today and a partner from Fundwise will contact you by phone or email!

More Testimonials

Jordan S

Our business would not thrive if I hadn't found out that Small Business Loans Yuma offers favorable loan services that are better than banks. Our business is just starting at that time and we don’t have enough funds to support all our expenses. Luckily, we were able to easily get the amount we needed with the help of Small Business Loans Yuma.

PaulA R

I have been into different banks and all of them rejected my application for real estate loans. I have a good credit score but it wasn’t enough for them. Small Business Loans Yuma offered me a good amount of loan and it has been very helpful to me. I was able to get the land that my business is where it is now.

ColLin R

As a small business owner and a customer of Small Business Loans Yuma, I am very glad to have a fair and supportive lender. It is rare to find a loan company that helps you with your business goals and looks after your best interest.

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There are a lot of funding companies in Yuma that provide loans and small business funding, however, most of them have higher standards and requirements than most small businesses can afford. Small Business Loans Yuma is here to help small businesses get funding and educate them on how startups get funding and more.

To know more about the specifics of our loan services, apply now and see if you qualify!

Small Business Loans Yuma

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